Natural & Efficient Cooling - Fresh Air Circulation, Better Air Quality
Honeywell Evaporative Air Coolers produce comfortable, cool air , much like a breeze flowing across a lake. When warm air is drawn into the Honeywell Evaporative Cooler, it is filtered through a wet honeycomb cooling medium, which absorbs heat and naturally cools and humidifies the air.
A powerful fan pushes the cool air out of the front of the unit into the surrounding area. This no-compressor system cools naturally, efficiently and inexpensively.

Honeywell Evaporative Air Coolers are ideal for spot cooling in any home or office. Honeywell Evaporative Coolers do not require power hungry components like compressors. The low power consumption translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners. Just unpack, add water, place near open door or window, plug it in, and use.

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*This tool provides an estimated energy cost based on the power consumption of the Air Cooler under indoor test conditions. The equivalent window air conditioner cooling capacity used for this calculation is taken from the website. Actual energy cost may vary depending on ambient conditions.

All specifications displayed on this website are based under indoor test conditions and are for reference only. Product specifications & product colors may vary in different countries.
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